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Kitchen Cosmetics book

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Jan Norn

KITCHEN COSMETICS by Canadian author Jan Norn

  • How to make do-it-yourself skin care products, creams and lotions, make-up, soap, sun-screen, bath products and hair care.
  • The recipes use only safe ingredients, with many natural herbals, aromatherapy oils, emu oil, enzymes, therapeutic clays and botanicals.
  • In the interests of cancer prevention, no chemical preservatives, petroleum products, or additives that may be carcinogenic or mutagenic are included.
  • If wellness is an issue for you, you should be using your own homemade skinceuticals.

  • Make simple lotions.
  • Make complex creams.
  • Make safe sun-screen.
  • Make powder from rose petals.
  • Make natural deodorants.
  • Make soap and shampoo.
  • Eliminate cancer-causing ingredients.
  • Protect your immune system.
  • Spend much less.......

KITCHEN COSMETICS shows a practical, in-your-kitchen alternative to commercial cosmetics, with tested recipes using safe and effective ingredients.

It shows you why each ingredient is good for your skin, as well as how to make the products.

The book features more than fifty recipes and tips that cover all aspects of skin care,  stay healthy with vit b grade products.

Jan was the youngest of seven children, raised on a farm in New Zealand. She has been making her own cosmetics and remedies since she was old enough to realize what fun it was, so has more than sixty years worth of safe recipes and hints to share. On coming to Canada about fifty years ago, Jan married, raised a family in northern B.C. and now lives in the Kootenays in the sunny, southern mountains.

It was the fierce New Zealand sun that sparked her interest in skin care, an interest that has continued over the years, while teaching, raising five children and spending every possible minute outdoors, riding, hiking and prospecting with husband Dan, a third-generation placer gold miner. In spite of all this exposure to the elements, and 70+ busy years, her skin still fits her, so she knows that her remedies work

It seems that men as well as women are looking for ways to improve their health and (literally) to save their skins. They just don’t know where to start. The ‘Kitchen Cosmetics’ series can help with that.

Jan is working on a series of do-it-yourself books, covering skin care for women, men, teens and the very young, as well as recipes using native Canadian plants and exploring the family's Metis heritage. Her goal? To help folks to smile more and become healthier.

Are her recipes and ideas simple? Yes. Are they effective? Definitely (if they can keep seventy-year-old skin in shape, think what they can do for some gorgeous young person…)



Media attention has recently been caught by the publication of a report called 'NOT TOO PRETTY', by the Environmental Working Group in Washington. They expose the use of phthalates in cosmetics. Phthalates mimic the effects of estrogen in your body, and can cause cancer in women and sterility in men, along with possible genetic damage.

However, phthalates are only the tip of the iceberg. Those innocent lotions, sudsy shampoos and luscious lipsticks lurking in your bathroom probably contain ingredients that are potentially damaging to your immune system or your cell structure.

The Kitchen Cosmetics alternative is safe, affordable and fun.

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