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Do-it-yourself recipes to help you

  • Eliminate cancer-causing ingredients.
  • Protect your immune system
  • Save money.
  • Have fun.

Make your own

  • simple lotions or complex creams
  • natural deodorants
  • herbal bug repellent
  • baby powder from rose petals
  • safe sun-screen

...and many other skin-care solutions...

BOOK: $15.99

DVD: $12.99 (Full colour).

EBOOK: Available on Amazon and Smashwords (black-and-white only).


FACE BOOK: How to 'LIKE' Your Face 

How many beauty products do you use each day? Are they safe or are there toxic chemicals lurking in those seductive creams, silky lotions or luscious lipsticks? How can you tell?

Face Book gives you recipes and tips for some safe options that you can make yourself -  from ingredients that are trustworthy. It also tells you how to check the contents of your beauty shelf for danger signals.
It is a scary fact that the majority of commercial cosmetics contain at least one ingredient that is carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic. Each item on the shelf has to contain enough preservative, not only to keep it from going bad, but to kill the germs on YOUR fingers or face every time you use it.Gives a whole new twist to 'preserving your skin' doesn't it?

Making your own beauty aids is easy, fun and creative.Cheaper too... Try it! 

DVD: $12.99 (Full colour)

EBOOK: Available on Amazon and Smashwords (black-and white only).


BODY BOOK: How to 'LIKE' Your Body 

If your body is asking for help, pay attention to it. This book will help you to find some rescue routines.

Find out how to deal with some common problems without expensive medication, learn what chemicals NOT to allow in your home, and take charge of your health.

Stay well! Look after the bodies you have been given - they are quite wonderful! 

DVD: $12.99 (Full colour).

EBOOK: Available on Amazon and Smashwords (black-and-white only).



Gardeners take note.Even the weeds are valuable! (Dandelions contain more Vitamin A than carrots). 

 Marigolds soothe damaged skin, parsley contains unusual oils that fight cancer, lavender helps the pain of athritis, sage gives you energy, snowdrops are a major help in fighting alzheimer's, slugs can heal chapped hands... Use garden herbs to make a 700 year-old gypsy recipe to for radiant skin... 

Find out how to pick and make your own medicine.

DVD: $12.99 (Full colour illustrations).

EBOOK: Available on Amazon and Smashwords (black-and-white only).



Medicinal Plants from the Canadian Wilderness.

A do-it-yourself guide to making health and beauty aids from wild plants. Combines old First Nations wisdom with new medical analysis.

The book offers many recipes using ingredients that are free for the picking. Caress your skin with a cream made from fireweed, or tempt your kids with wild strawberry toothpaste. Learn more...  

DVD: $12.99 (Full colour illustrations).

EBOOK: Available on Amazon and Smashwords (black-and-white only).