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The picture is from THE POWER TO HEAL by Richard Gordon / P.19

My QT Diary 
How does QT relate to Beauty? A beautiful spirit is the light that enhances all of us. As we work to heal our bodies and our minds, the light becomes brighter. QT was a starting point for me...
August, 2009

   It was an ordinary day at the store, but Faye, our reliable morning person, had a pounding headache and felt miserable. Just at the right time, my friend-in-law, Ellen (we share grand-children) came in the door and I pounced on her.

   I knew that Ellen was studying an interesting healing method called Quantum Touch, so I begged her help in making our Faye feel better – she was nervous but game, and we were soon in the back room with Faye sitting on a chair, Ellen with hands on the back of her neck, focusing and breathing deeply.

   It didn’t look like much, but after about fifteen minutes our patient said she felt a lot better and would go back to work. I had no idea what had really happened, but it was pretty obvious that something had, and I pestered Ellen with questions, so she promised to fill me in when we had a chance to visit.

   Next day, Faye not only felt fine, but said she had had the best sleep for ages. Normally she has trouble sleeping, but this bonus lasted for the rest of the week – I was even more determined to find out what Ellen was up to.

September, 2009
   Finally I had a chance to visit with Ellen. She gave me a copy of the Quantum Touch  book and told me how she was practising remote healing on her family members, with a lot of success. I was amazed, went home and started to read –  kept waking up during the night to read more…… and more…..by morning had finished and was ready to go back to the beginning and let it sink in. My metaphysical tail was wagging!

    I sent for the QT Video workshop and watched it over the course of two days. Amazing to think that I’m studying Quantum Mechanics. I was never even a little bit good at math!

   Now I need someone to practise with, so the next step is to host a Video workshop. I’m watching for plants and animals to work on but mine are all disgustingly healthy. Our little black cat has brought me a couple of his favourite garter snakes, slightly bitten, but I let them loose without realising that I should try Richard’s rabbit theory on them – next time!


 I have been sending distance energy to my nearest and dearest, but have no way of measuring the effects, so will just keep doing it. Was quite surprised when I started to mentally list the things my own body could use help with – I think of myself as a very healthy 74-year-old kid, but there are all these pills I’m supposed to be taking: pills for osteoporosis, pills for my prolapsed heart valve and my hand tremors, and the occasional pain killers for sciatica. Then there is my crooked finger that got caught in a horse’s halter ring thirty years ago, my hereditary bunion that has been cut off a couple of times but always comes back, and a dicey neck caused by falling on my head off too many horses. Apart from those trifles I’m in good working order, but why put up with them?

   For want of more expert help, I have been running energy on myself, and it helps. For instance I can now get away with taking two heart pills a day instead of three and have no  argument from the problematic mitral valve. Maybe I’ll get to train for that marathon yet!

   When that unique movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know…” came out a few years ago we were intrigued with it and I’ve watched for it ever since. No luck finding it so finally sent for our own copy. It is as good as I remember, and right in line with QT principles. After seeing it the first time, I had sent for one of Dr. Emoto’s books on water and tried his rice experiment (had to wait until my husband was away so that he wouldn’t find me talking to jars of water with rice in them!). Actually I felt really stupid doing that, but the experiment worked anyway. Now I am systematically trying to run energy into all the water we drink and use for house plants, and trying also to remember to say ‘Thank you’ before using it.

   Then there is ROY G.BIV. Any elementary school teacher who has studied colours of the rainbow with their pupils will recognise his name – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. So when I read about the colours of our body chakras, it was intriguing to find that their colours matched the rainbow spectrum. I love the thought of my chakras spinning and ‘lighting up’ as I breathe in energy – my hands are transferring a rainbow.


   Momentous! We did our first Video Workshop at Ellen’s house, in a lovely room overlooking the lake (surrounded by light reflecting off water). I had been really hesitant about running energy into an actual person rather than using remote sending but it is OK now – I actually helped my friends feel better. I did that!

   I have been using essential oils to help focus my mind – my favourite lavender of course, and frankincense, the oldest and most famous spiritual cleanser. My friends found this helpful as well.

   Our next goal needs to be starting a healing circle to help other folks – this is tricky in the middle of a frozen Kootenay winter as we all have small houses inhabited by lots of family members and a healing circle needs space, warmth and quiet. It will work out though.

   In the meantime, we are looking ahead at the Supercharging techniques. I especially love the Twelve Colour Meditation (having tried for the last forty years to learn to meditate and failing miserably because my mind chatters so much). This is such a simple technique and my cynical mind says that it has no business working, but I suspect that it acts directly on the mysterious limbic part of our brains. We respond to it instinctively, being soothed and uplifted. Every day my subconscious mind realises something new and I get a metaphysical ‘Aha!’

   My cats are very interested in all the energy rife in our house and come to ask for their share. Our silly little blue budgies, usually flippy and paranoid, have settled down to enjoying life and sing a lot more than they used to.

   This is a picture of my baby turmeric plant. I planted half a dozen of these last spring but it was the only one that came up and it drooped along miserably all summer. By the time I brought it indoors, a couple of months ago, it had one leaf, half-rotted and lying flat on the dirt. After a couple of weeks of energy there was a wee shoot poking up, now it has unfurled a lovely, healthy leaf and the original mouldy one is standing tall with only a little tatty edge to show where it was wounded. There is a tiny third shoot starting as well. I feel smug about this plant! Please send it energy and admiration. I wish I had had sense enough to photograph it when it was sick, but I was sure that it was a goner! Nice lesson.



  December, 2009

   So many things are falling into place. I feel that my main mission is centered around children and QT and hope to develop some specific ideas for helping them to discover their potential. As an old teacher, I know that our fanatically politically correct schools would not tolerate presentations of our method (it makes far too much sense!) while at the same time I think what a blessing it would be to have class members actively focused on helping one another to feel good, mentally and physically - instead of grabbing for personal entitlement as is so often happening in our confused society.

   Well I will start with my own grandchildren and with a friend who is still teaching. Will drop a few stones into the pond and watch for ripples…


May, 2010

   A trip to Australia to visit my daughters led to meeting a new friend. Lu practices Quantum Touch in Sydney. Her house is a flurry of kittens and birds, all running free and friendly and frequently eating out of the same dish. Lu generously offered to work on a few problems I had and she brought me much comfort as well as showing me new ways to explore - she combines crystals with QT for her powerful treatments.

June, 2010


Imagine your body as a swirl of colour. The very centre is white, then violet, indigo, copper, silver and gold. These are the six 'inside' colours. Outside of your skin is yellow, then green, cyan (blue-green), blue, magenta and finally mother-of-pearl. These surround you in a protective egg-shape.


Start with white. Imagine  winter snow in the sunshine, so white that it makes your eyes squint. Take a deep breathe and let out enough of it that your lungs feel comfy, then drop your diaphragm so that you can feel a space in there. Hold your breathe and fill that space with white letting it spread through all of your body and a wee bit beyond. Let your breath out gently and say ' thank you' for white. (White is the colour of life force - when it is depleted you lose the will to live).


Next is violet, your link to spirit and intuition. Repeat the breathing pattern you used for white. Imagine your body filled with gorgeous, translucent violet. Thank you for violet.


Indigo is the third colour and it makes you aware of your senses, interprets information and links your mental and physical processes. This is a colour on the deep edge of blue and in my mind it glows and is a little hazy, but you might not see it like that. Breathe and thanks.


Copper is one of the three metallic colours that are the building blocks for body health. It governs neurological and cardio-vascular systems. Breathe and thanks.


Silver governs bones, teeth, tendons, muscles, cartilage and nails. To me, it feels like electricity.

Breathe and thanks.


Gold influences functions of organs, glands, hair, skin and eyes. It is a soft, deep, heavy colour. Breathe and thanks.


Yellow stands for well-being. It is the first of the 'outside shell' colours and these are absorbed from outside the body instead of inside. Imagine you are a sponge. Think of sunflowers and fill your body with brilliant translucent yellow. Breathe and thanks.


Green heals emotional wounds. It is like the heart of an emerald or the light under birch trees. Absorb, breathe and thanks.


Cyan supports integrity. It aligns your thoughts with your heart. Think of tropical seas. Absorb, breathe and thanks.


Blue is for creative thinking - your 'Aha!' moments. Shoot straight up into a sunny sky. Absorb, breathe and thanks.


Magenta is the colour of compassion and universal love. Think of a wine-coloured pool with rose petals and frangipani blossoms floating on the surface, smelling wonderful. Swim, absorb, breathe and thanks.


Mother-of-pearl is your outer protective blanket or shell. Make yourself very small and walk into a cave that is really a sea-shell. It is filled with mist and glints of muted vortexes.  Absorb, breathe and thanks.


The first time you do the meditation, go through each colour three times. After that twice a day for three weeks. By that time it will be part of your life and you won't be able to help doing it every day - it is enormously calming and healing. I tried for about forty years to learn to meditate and could never stop my mind from chattering, but this works. After a while you only need to say the colours in your mind and you can feel good.

August 2010

   I have spent the summer practising with energy, tending my small garden and writing. There seems to be an upsurge of energy happening everywhere. Lovely to see that practitioners of various types of energy healing are beginning to work together and reach out to us. The secret is to find what works for you and then stick to it, but still respect what everyone else believes.


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